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Why Do We Take So Many Photos

Why Do We Take So Many Photos

With nearly every adult and teenage human on earth having some way to record a moment or a person, there are literally billions of photos stored somewhere either on paper, storage disks, hard drives or the cloud.

While many share them on social media sites, others simply like looking at where they have been or who they have met along life's journey.

What will happen to all these billions of photographs and the multi-billion more that will follow. Why do we take so many photos?

Perhaps the immediate answer is " because we can". Photographers both amateur and professionals look at photography as an art form. They care about composition, light exposure, clarity and sharpness of details. The smart phones have competed to provide more definition and capacity while at the same time enhancing sharpness and detail to be automatic. ( or at least without the human mental influence that professionals can bring with other types of cameras). What they have also succeeded in doing is putting the mobile camera everywhere and made using it nearly as automatic as breathing.

Perhaps another reason why we take so many photos is to prove that we lived. I know that sounds a little weird but a camera is in virtually everyone's hand or so nearby as to capture nearly all of one's life's moments. As I see and look at multitudes of photos per week, I have to wonder if the redundancy will one day slow down some or if new faces, new buildings and community features will keep driving the photography engine. Every view in the world however is only possible for travelers who pay the price in time and fortune to capture them. Those aside, we are seeing life in more detail than one could ever imagine before digital became a part of our lives. In 50 or 100 years, will people then care about seeing people living now?

Every new mobile device seems to have focused some energy on improving the mobile camera which is a part of it. They sell kits of add ones to trick out the smart phone lens for more versatility and have been marketing a lot of after market add ons of lenses, filters, holding devices or specially made more easily mobile tripods.

At some point, the simple smart phone camera will be competing directly with professional equipment. But does every person's expression, every life situation and every other experience in life need to be recorded digitally? Why do we take so many photos? 


Why Not !

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