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What is the Inspiration that Motivates Us to be a REALTOR Blogger ?

 I just finished with my post on the overview of my first year with ActiveRain. I received a great comment from my fellow Rainer and friend Jeff Dowler. In my response to him for his great comments about my first year here on ActiveRain, something occurred to me that I hadn't ever written about but that I had intended to. What motivates us to blog in the first place.

Being in the real estate industry and working for a living, it is often commented that most active REALTORS have no life. Meaning of course that many of us are on call 24/7 and we have to have some terrific time management to keep on schedule with our clients and potential clients and budget our time wisely.

When you are an active REALTOR Blogger, you can double that need for real time management. Perhaps more than just time management , we often forgo many needed hours of sleep to remain active with our posting needs and building relationships with our readers.

Underneath all this, there must be some motivation or a particular inspiration that makes us so dedicated. What is it? What is the inspiration that keeps us focused on the goal line of building our online business through our blogging.

As our world evolved through more advanced technology, it was real estate that dragged its feet for years resisting the inevitable. REALTORS for years fought the idea that technology ,at least the using if it, could help them build their real estate business and that things could be way more efficient than they were with  just using snail mail for delivery of the communications that were needed. The MLS needed to evolve away from publishing weekly books of listings that by the time you located the house it was already in escrow.

Saul Klein, a long time friend and past president of our local association of REALTORS, was also one of my instructors when I was taking the Real Estate Principles class, back in 1989. I got involved with the association early on and I would listen to Saul tell us that technology was going to become a major part of our real estate life and that we should embrace it and encourage our members to do the same. Then Bill Chee, the then President of NAR, and his famous Lion over the Hill speech, he suggested technology would one day be the driving force of real estate and if we as individuals did not embrace it voluntarily, we would definitely not remain at the center of the transaction but that others leading the technology revolution certainly would. Then history happened.

Well, we all saw the writing on the wall and here we are using e-mail as a main communications vehicle, each of us and our companies have our websites in place, MLS's are online with accessible portals providing consumers the information, many of the essential  real estate programs to collate the information is online and we are Blogging to the public in our efforts to remain as the first contact of the new Internet Empowered Consumer.

Is that then our inspiration for blogging? For some I would guess. But for others it is the premise that the consumer wants more specific property information, community information, and an edge to better understand the process involved in acquisition as well as disposal of real property. They want that information and lots of it. If we don't provide it , someone else will. 

Here we are in 2008 and we write. Everyday we write our posts and look for ways to connect with the consumers with viable information, all the while building real relationships over time with our peers around the country. We write about real estate, mortgages, technology, our communities and some of us even go out to the fringes and write about religion and politics.

We write whatever will provide a connection to the consumers and clearly state that we want to be their first contact when deciding that they will either buy, sell or invest in real property. So it seems our inspiration is simple. It is called survival. We either do it or go the way of the travel industry. Some would say dinosaurs but  I think that is stupid. We all know they just ate each other's flesh and the last one remaining died of old age.  I hope that doesn't happen to us.







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Comment balloon 44 commentsWilliam Johnson • April 01 2008 06:35PM
What is the Inspiration that Motivates Us to be a REALTOR Blogger
I just finished with my post on the overview of my first year with ActiveRain I received a great comment from my fellow Rainer and friend Jeff Dowler. In my response to him for his great comments about my first year here on ActiveRain, something… more