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A True Friend is a "Work of Heart"

San Diego Real Estate - A True Friend is a "Work of Heart"

A few years ago when I started with ActiveRain, it was both exciting and scary at the same time. When we first started out, dare we say what we have been thinking, dare we really express that this was all new and that we haven't got a clue of how to succeed in blogging. We see people with all these points and wonder how did they ever get all those points and what do mean anyway?

We all have fears and we all have hesitations even when we are excited about something new. Back when I started there had not been any articles out there in the trade journals encouraging us. There was really nothing explaining what blogging was and more importantly why we should even bother. When I started out and would type the word blogging , no spellchecker would except it and I would think maybe I was  not spelling it correctly. One less " g " maybe. What's with blog, blogging and blogger , they still aren't in the spellchecker.

My first few posts did not elicit any comments.  When I did receive my first comment , it was so uplifting and encouraging and I was smiling all over the place. I still needed to know that when I read something that I should leave a comment much less that I should write a comment back to the person that wrote a comment on my post. I didn't know about points yet or that you got points for commenting. That first day was magical because after my Open House I came back and started telling about it.

One of my first early commenter's was Sally Cheeseman. I liked her because she wrote encouraging comments. Jason Sardi was so complimentary, He said he really enjoyed reading my posts and often commented on my writing voice. Teri Eckholm was another that said the nicest things. I was becoming addicted to wanting their comments on a regular basis.

I still was not sure what all good this did for anything other than to get people to read what I wrote and they started to come in greater numbers. I remember people like Kathy McGraw saying that she had subscribed to me. What did that mean and how did she know when I wrote something? It was then that I discovered the two dashboards, one where all the posts were and the other side where your subscribers were. 

I learned a lot that first couple months and saw that I was also the low man on the totem pole in my state rankings. But I was moving up with lots of writing and commenting. I will never forget those days of reading about all the cool new tools and the pictures and graphics, that was another thing I wondered about. Where do people get these great pictures from. I would read about the free photo sources and then the caveats of using them. It was suggested that if I didn't take them myself, that I could buy them, so I opted for that choice. It seemed faster of course to buy the photos unless the post about something local like our first soiree in San Diego at the Del Mar Racetrack.

I was meeting some of the folks that I was commenting on and they were the nicest people and not intimidating at all. They welcomed me with open arms and blogging then shifted from just writing to meeting people and caring about them.

Blogging soon became an essential part in my life and the friendships were building and I felt rich with a new circle of special people who were so supportive.

We had some tragic Fires back in the fall of 2007, just months after I had been fully immersed in ActriveRain as a blogger. Because these fires threatened my home, I had to evacuate and what happened then was life changing. I was receiving phone calls from the many on-line friends checking in to see that I was OK. And they did it fast. My own local friends, family and even my own real estate office didn't call for days later.

But here I was in a hotel room room , a distance from where I lived being comforted by my on-line ActiveRain friends who really cared that I was OK. But they weren't just on-line, they were at the end of the telephone. When Bob Stewart with the ActiveRain front office called me,  that clinched it, I knew I was home and these people were true friends and no longer on-ine acquaintances. My ActiveRain family really did care about me and they showed it over and over and wow, I thought I had won the lottery for the way for I felt from all the outpouring. That first evening of being away from my home uncertain of its fate, I would receive a call from Sally Cheeseman, the first time we had spoken on the phone. It was an instant real friendship and I could not guess the number of hours of phone time we have spent since then building one of the most amazing friendships of my entire life.

And over time , it became clear that these wonderful people meant so much to me and more than just on line friends, they felt like family. As the months and now a couple years have passed, I have built many friendships here in our ActiveRain network and above anything else that the Rain has given me, the friendships are the treasure. When I lost my little Yorkie to cancer last  September, the outpouring again helped me through one of life's most difficult times and then this past week, when I lost my other Yorkie, Tinker, again, the notes and calls really assured me what true friends I have made here in the Rain. They are a "Work of Heart".

If you have not yet experienced this level of friendship here in the Rain, you will. Share the richness of your life, your talents and even your times of sadness. I know that the main purpose of our network is to build our business and ActiveRain does that amazingly well. And if it did nothing more it would still be the most awesome network of people that may have ever existed. But ActiveRain does do more, so much more. My wish for each and everyone of you is to experience the same level of true friendship that I and so many others have and do experience daily here in the Rain . It is simple, pure and is not tainted with expectation or demands but given freely with true attachment. You will come to see and feel first hand that your new friends here in the Rain are indeed a "Work of Heart".




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