San Diego Real Estate Voice : Steve Job's Seven Secrets of Success. Come on and steal them, he wants you to!

Steve Job's Seven Secrets of Success. Come on and steal them, he wants you to!

Steve Job's Seven Secrets of Success. Come on and steal them, he wants you to!

Steve Jobs was a Genius, a Perfectionist. The ultimate visionary. Steal his secrets, he expects it!.

Steve once said " Good artists copy, Great artists steal "

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011
Steves's Seven Secrets of Success

1. Do what you love-don't settle, passion is everything. Do it because you love it.

2. Put a dent in the universe. Develop a clear and concise vision. Have the courage to follow your heart.

3. Say no to a thousand things. Focus. Reduce the clutter, make it simple. Get the spark back. Simplicity of
having only half dozen people you consult with.

4. Kick start your brain by doing something new. Develop an inquiring mind. Unexpected connections.  The apple stores design is based on The Four Seasons Hotel concept.

5. Sell dreams, not products. Re-think something as an entirely new experience. Example, the iPhone revolutionized the telephone experience.

6. Create insanely great experiences.  Innovate by creating an extraordinary consumer experience.

7. Master the message. Steve re-invented the phone.  It 's all about how well you communicate.


Tribute to Steve Jobs
"You may not want to change the world but you can change and make better your little part of it".

Presented here as my way to pay tribute to the Inventor and Innovator that has touched the most lives in our lifetime. 

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Comment balloon 88 commentsWilliam Johnson • October 08 2011 02:32AM



I love this! It's amazing how profoundly he affected so many -- he's like the rock star of technology. He certainly changed how we communicate, how we are entertained. I certainly hope there will be another Steve Jobx in my lifetime.


Posted by Pacita Dimacali, Alameda/Contra Costa Counties CA (Alain Pinel) over 8 years ago

He created many of the everyday things that we all take for granted.  He really did make a difference in the world.

Posted by Doug Bullwinkel, Mortgage Loan Originator NMLS #281609 (Envoy Mortgage, NMLS 6666) over 8 years ago

William, I have done #3 and I place my life on #5. He was such a good man. I admire him so and always will. I also admire you sir! Great post and as usual, a wonderful picture.

Posted by Deb Brooks (Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas) over 8 years ago

Hi William, thank you for sharing these words of wisdom from Steve Jobs, hadn't seen them before but will hold them dear for future use....

Posted by Hrisco & Associates, Roanoke Homes for Sale - Roanoke Neighborhoods (Hrisco & Associates ) over 8 years ago

Thanks for sharing Jobs' 7 Secrets, I will put them to good use.

Posted by MichelleCherie Carr Crowe Just Call...408-252-8900, Family Helping Families Buy & Sell Homes 40+ Years (Get Results Team...Just Call (408) 252-8900! . DRE #00901962 . Licensed to Sell since 1985 . Altas Realty) over 8 years ago

Well, for as long as I can remember, I'm always saying, "I steal my best ideas"... never knew what I was saying.. yeah.  Gosh, he will be missed so very much.  RIP Steve, oh and it's okay to keep the angels busy with something new and innovative.  Many prayers to his family; this must be so terriby difficult for them. 

Posted by Gail C. Harris, Reach the BEACH with Gail C. Harris (cell: 703.868 (Resource Network, LLC SFR, AHWD, ACRE, SMAR Board Director) over 8 years ago

Thank you for sharing the wisdom. He was a pretty smart guy. All 7 secrets are a great model for each and every one of us.

Posted by Joe Petrowsky, Your Mortgage Consultant for Life (Mortgage Consultant, Right Trac Financial Group, Inc. NMLS # 2709) over 8 years ago

William - great post; just saw it as a re-blog and came to the source to comment!

Posted by Carol Zingone, Global Realtor in Jax Beach, FL - ABR, CRS, CIPS (Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Florida Network Realty) over 8 years ago

Hi William,

Nice tribute.

Good advice.

I still remember the focused drive to make the Mac "insanely great" Nothing less would do. Don't tell me it can't be done! Just DO it!


Posted by Phil Leng, Phil Leng - Retired (Retired) over 8 years ago

Wonderful tribute to this amazing man who changed the world. Just think he got a fatal diagnosis six years ago and just look what he accomplished in that time!

Pacita reblogged this and has the video of Steve's explanation of '' Good artists copy, Great artists steal "


Posted by Margaret Rome Baltimore 410-530-2400, Sell Your Home With Margaret Rome ( HomeRome Realty 410-530-2400) over 8 years ago

William, What a great person and a visionary! He touch so many in so many ways. The picture is outstanding.

Posted by Keith Gilkey, 410-920-7214, Re/Max Chesapeake (Re/Max Chesapeake) over 8 years ago

Thank you for sharing these wonderful words of wisdom/innovation and success.

I have not been an Apple person, so most of the quotes that are being shared are new to me, and I am appreciative.

I pre-ordered his biography on Kindle, looking forward to learning alot. 

Posted by Virginia Dean, Real Estate Done Your Way (Keller Williams Tulare County) over 8 years ago

Good morning William,

I really love his words and how he lived..he gave us so much more than we knew we even wanted! This is a wonderful tribute..thank you for sharing:).

Posted by Dorie Dillard CRS GRI ABR, Serving Buyers & Sellers in NW Austin Real Estate (Coldwell Banker United Realtors® ~ 512.750.6899) over 8 years ago

I heard on the news yesterday that the majority of poeple that heard about his death, found about about it on something he invented. Pretty profound.

Posted by Ken and Leslye Huebsch, Realtors - Harrisburg Homes for Sale 717.514.1793 (3x Individual Agent of the Year, Luxury Homes, First-Time Buyers, Residential Resales, New Construction) over 8 years ago

William - Fantastic tribute. What an amazing and inspirational man. Bookmarked, AND suggested!

Posted by Judy Jennings, Broker - The Lanterns at Warren Woods - Ashland MA (The Green Company) over 8 years ago

Hi Bill -

Just last night I watched a clip of Steve Job's giving this inspirational speech with these words.  It was profound then and it is this morning as I see it in type.  Mr. Jobs shoes will never be filled in more ways than one.

Best regards from The Q

Posted by John McCormack, CRS, Honesty, Integrity, Results, Experienced. HIRE Me! (Albuquerque Homes Realty) over 8 years ago

I've read so many Steve Jobs quotes the last several days and each of them is as powerful as the next.  He truly lived his life according to his own rules.  Something we can all learn from.

Posted by Rebekah Radice, Social Media Marketing, Coaching & Training (Imagine WOW! Digital Marketing Agency) over 8 years ago

Hi Pacita,

The principles of his success are simple and yet so very complex. One that particularly grabbed me was number 6. Create insanely great experiences. Before the next week is out, I want to IMPLEMENT A PLAN to be able to own that one!

Posted by William Johnson, Retired Real Estate Professional (Retired) over 8 years ago

Hi Doug, That he did in spades. Yet, for 6 years he was fighting  the big " C" and that made his accomplishments  even greater. His mental fitness and "discipline with a purpose" approach to life was the envy of the world.

Posted by William Johnson, Retired Real Estate Professional (Retired) over 8 years ago

Hi Dale, If anything it was "viral experience" marketing. When the iPad came out, I wanted to own the experience. As I and others related oue expereince of it, it was the experience  that went viral. See #6

Posted by William Johnson, Retired Real Estate Professional (Retired) over 8 years ago

Hi Deb, Thank you for that, your comment is very special to me. Not because I earned it, I accept it as "your gift to inspire me".

Posted by William Johnson, Retired Real Estate Professional (Retired) over 8 years ago

William - I love the simplicity and clarity of this post.  These are wonderful tips to "steal"!  I didn't know the Apple store was based on the four seasons.  Will have to visit our local store and check it out!

Posted by Sally Weatherley, Vancouver Home Staging, Home Stager Vancouver, B.C (EXIT STAGE RIGHT) over 8 years ago

Hi John, Think how much better we could each be if we did actually embrace them, just a little. Profound. If some were embraced a lot more, even more or better results might be expected.

Posted by William Johnson, Retired Real Estate Professional (Retired) over 8 years ago

Hi Michelle, I hope we can all use them to one degree or another. I know I am helped by them and will be internalizing them to make them my own. I would love it all the more if Apple would wrtite them , simple and clean on a card and put one in each Apple product that is received by the consumer. Can you imagine if everyone embreaced them just a little.

Posted by William Johnson, Retired Real Estate Professional (Retired) over 8 years ago

Hi Gail,

What is interesting  and certainly something that took me a long time to learn is this. The life on Earth ( our Journey) when shared and made bigger and more important than our individual lives, the journey is then recited, recorded and shared often with fututre generations as " Greatness".


Posted by William Johnson, Retired Real Estate Professional (Retired) over 8 years ago

Hi Joe, I agree. Have you ever heard of any success secrets that are simpler or more clear. Imagine if a young child were told of these and taught to them to encourage their own individual exceptionalism from a very early age. What a gift to life that would be.

Posted by William Johnson, Retired Real Estate Professional (Retired) over 8 years ago

Hi Carol, Thank you so much. Being re-blogged always makes me feel that the post was really special.

Posted by William Johnson, Retired Real Estate Professional (Retired) over 8 years ago

Hi Phil,

There was never one PC that had that idea as it's inspiration. Only the Apple Experience. The people that use computers today are getting closer and closer to the real idea behind Apple and what Steve's vision of it was and why once you switched, you never looked back. As more people experience it, it grows exponentially by itself. It not about any one thing, it is about "it's everything"!

Posted by William Johnson, Retired Real Estate Professional (Retired) over 8 years ago

Hi Margaret, That alone should be inspiration enough for all of us. The value of life can then not be measured in terms of time but rather in the ideas and the number of times you have touched someone elses life. It can take both a second and/ or a lifetime.

Posted by William Johnson, Retired Real Estate Professional (Retired) over 8 years ago

Hi Keith, Thank you, A simple perfect Rose sybollic of a simple perfect life that casts away defeat, hardship, sadness or setback. It focusues rather on the perfection of a thought well exceuted.

Posted by William Johnson, Retired Real Estate Professional (Retired) over 8 years ago

Hi Virgina, I read various accountants of his life and I enjoy that and look forward to even more through his biography. But for me, I also experienced his life through the expereinces of his vision. Of course I hadn't realized them then. But as I come to realize them now, and then abe to relate them to others, his secrets of success can also live in me. I love that!

Posted by William Johnson, Retired Real Estate Professional (Retired) over 8 years ago

Hi Dorrie, Thank you so much. He wore the same things, (turtleneck and jeans) every day to work. His idea about that was, if he never varied what he was wearing, he never had to waste time thinking about it and could concentrate on more important things that would make his vision realized by the many who would embrace it. How many times in our lives have we used dressing a certain way to impress when we just as well could have shared a dream instead.

Posted by William Johnson, Retired Real Estate Professional (Retired) over 8 years ago

Hi Ken and Leslye, It is a stunning accomplishment. What is so cool about all the Apple products themselves is that it is not about the products, but the EXPERIENCE. That is the genius and gives each of us something unique that we can create.

Posted by William Johnson, Retired Real Estate Professional (Retired) over 8 years ago

Hi Judy, Thank you so much. These 7 simple secrets, which of course aren't secrets at all, can be real life changers for those of us that will embrace the ideas behind them.

Posted by William Johnson, Retired Real Estate Professional (Retired) over 8 years ago

Good Morning John,

I hope that many many others will also write these secrets down. They are so simple and also so profound. To learn them and embrace them will the life changing moment.

Posted by William Johnson, Retired Real Estate Professional (Retired) over 8 years ago

Hi Rebekah, While a man lives, his words can be no less proufound and still fall on deft ears with the belief that if they are important , they will fall there again and again. When a man passes from this life, knowing those words will no fall from his lips again, they are embraced with greater clearity and profound purpose.  Teachers are all around us, so we often don't learn when we could have. Seems some of us need a moment to make it happen. Sadly, all the other moments were wasted.

Posted by William Johnson, Retired Real Estate Professional (Retired) over 8 years ago

Hi Sally, Thank you so much. I really enjoyed writing this one. When I completed it, I realized that it was me that needed the lesson and it was me that wanted to record these ideas in ways that I could more embrace them. Sometimes I just learn best when I am teaching and sharing what I need to learn.

Posted by William Johnson, Retired Real Estate Professional (Retired) over 8 years ago

Super list William.... I am good at the NO to a thousand things but need more yes's to a few things. I like that making insanely great experiences. We see that on Active Rain all the time.

Posted by Gary Woltal, Assoc. Broker Realtor SFR Dallas Ft. Worth (Keller Williams Realty) over 8 years ago

Hi Gary, Thank you. I think Steve's List is a natural for sharing here in the Rain. In many ways, perhaps to a lesser degree , we each spotted the genius in him for the experience and not just the invention. 

Posted by William Johnson, Retired Real Estate Professional (Retired) over 8 years ago

William--I never realized how similar our taglines were until I just reblogged your post and saw them one right after the other. Looks like great minds think alike :)

Posted by Teri Eckholm, REALTOR Serving Mpls/St Paul North & East Metro (Boardman Realty) over 8 years ago

Hi William...Steve Accomplished more than most by the time we was 30, his vision was clear to him. Remembering him and following his advice to Good..Love What You Do..Like it.

It's too bad we never told him how much we appreciate him making our lives more interesting and fun.

Posted by Fred Carver Personal Real Estate Corporation, Accredited Real Estate Consultant (RE/MAX Camosun Victoria BC Real Estate) over 8 years ago

Hi William,
Thanks for sharing.
I'm currently working on # 3.
I have de-cluttered my desk and using No more often.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Posted by Digital Digital, full service over 8 years ago

William, I have followed Steve's accomplishments since the early eighties. It's so sad that he's gone. 

Posted by Donna Malone, Homes and Property for Sale Nova Scotia (Waterfront, Luxury, Family, Affordable, Cottage, Deals) over 8 years ago

Bought my first MAC in 1986 William and never looked back.  Thank you for sharing-I did not realize that the  Apple Stores were based on the seasons-I will go take a look tomorrow!

Posted by Joanna Cohlan, Designing, Decorating & Staging Westchester Homes (Fresh Eyes For Your Home) over 8 years ago

William-Great list and I am learning to say no to the unimportant and say hello to the important, the new and exciting and make life simpler. Passion keeps you energized and creative. Great post and love the rose. Have a super Sunday,

Posted by Sharon Lee, Retired and loving life (Sharon Lee's Virtual Assistance) over 8 years ago

Roger that! We copy!

Posted by Juan Bassett, GRI (Long & Foster) over 8 years ago

Love it.  Thanks

Posted by Susan Lehmkuhl, Associate Broker (Buy and Sell Smart Realty, LLC) over 8 years ago

Bill, thanks for of my tag lines on my bio has always been I sell dreams...i believe in Jobs' philosphy...

Posted by Ginny Gorman, Homes for Sale in Southern RI and beyond (RI Real Estate Services ~ 401-529-7849~ RI Waterfront Real Estate) over 8 years ago

Steve Jobs lived his life with passion, wisdom, and courage.  May we all be more like him. 

Posted by Cookie Hooper, Real Estate Sales & Property Management (True Blue Realty) over 8 years ago

Great lessons.  Steve Jobs was an incredible entrepreneur and a great American.  RIP

Posted by Rob Arnold, Metro Orlando Full Service - Investor Friendly & F (Sand Dollar Realty Group, Inc.) over 8 years ago

nice way to start the day - thanks for the positive post

Posted by Synthia Noble (RE/Max "10" New Lenox) over 8 years ago

Aside from that last statement, a good tribute to a visionary.

Posted by Lyn Sims, Schaumburg Real Estate (RE/MAX Suburban) over 8 years ago

We've lost a true visionary.  Thanks for sharing his insights.

Posted by Kate Akerly, Manhattan Beach Residential Sales (Kaminsky Group) over 8 years ago

William, thank you for sharing some of what made Steve Jobs one of the greatest innovators of our modern world.  His positive impact on our lives has been extraordinary.  These are all great principles for success.

Posted by Menlo Park Real Estate and Homes for Sale, - 650.504.0219 - SF Peninsula (Wende Schoof) over 8 years ago

How is it that millions miss a man they never knew? Well, never knew personally. In a way, we all knew Steve Jobs from how he affected our world. You were the best, Steve.

Posted by Todd & Devona Garrigus, Broker / REALTORS® (Garrigus Real Estate) over 8 years ago

The Secrets of Success by Steve Jobs is universal and has been adopted by many successful people for centuries. That's not to take anything away  from him, however, those secrets only remain secrets when the masses of people don't implement them. It takes Hardwork, Knowledge and Attitude to be successful and those attributes are all part of his secrets. 

Posted by Kimo Jarrett, Pro Lifestyle Solutions (WikiWiki Realty) over 8 years ago

Bill, there are nuggets of wisdom in these seven little secrets.

Posted by Chris Smith, South Simcoe, Caledon, King, Orangeville Real Esta (Re/Max Chay Realty Inc., Brokerage) over 8 years ago

thanks for sharing such sage to steal some creative juices.



Posted by Kim & Kristine Halverson, Sisters, Realtors (Compass) over 8 years ago

Dear William,

Steve certainly distilled that West Coast spirit, did he not?

Posted by Dörte Engel, ABC - Annapolis, Bowie, Crofton & rest of Maryland (RE/MAX Leading Edge) over 8 years ago

William, you did a great job of copying/stealing Jobs' Seven Secrets of Success for your blog.  Way to get the word out!   

Posted by Kent Dills, Real Estate 817-495-8028, Bellingham, Washington (Broker, Dills Real Estate) over 8 years ago
My first computer was a Mac back in 1984. It was small and it opened with a "happy smiley face" each time it booted up....but it sure was powerful.I was the founder and director of one of the first alcohol and drug relapse prevention agencies of it's kind. I wrote and did all the set up, including selling ads in a 16 page newsletter.....all on this little, but powerful Mac. I loved it! As time passed, I purchased newer Macs. Today I work on the MacBook Pro. I still have my old Desktop model as well. I also have an IPad, IPod and IPhone. I LOVE all the Apple products and owe it all to Steve Jobs and his remarkable visions and marketing abilities. As a Realtor, I find the Apple products easy and fun to work with. I also LOVE what I do, which is helping people find and move into their "dream homes." Steve Jobs put many smiles on his computer faces, just as we put smiles on our clients faces in real estate!
Posted by Nancy Hankin (RE/MAX Real Estate Consultants) over 8 years ago

Good advise and something to think about.  Thanks for the post.  Have a great weekend.

Posted by Gene Riemenschneider, Turning Houses into Homes (Home Point Real Estate) over 8 years ago

The four seasons, great concept.

Posted by Michael Singh,Broker (Singh Real Estate) over 8 years ago

Hi William.  Great post.  Jobs was a hero of mine.  Only a few years younger I grew up in business with the age of personal computers.  To see someone succeed from garage to leader of one of the greatest companies in the industry is amazing!

Posted by Bob Miller, The Ocala Dream Team (Keller Williams Cornerstone Realty) over 8 years ago

Thank you. Great post. YOU have inspired!

Posted by R.E. Renée Hoover, Salesperson, Poconos, Pike, Wayne, Monroe Counties, PA; PA/NYS (Century 21 Geba Realty, Milford, PA; Licensed in PA & NYS) over 8 years ago

A GREAT INSPIRING Post!  My favorite quote regarding Steve Jobs life came from a newscaster this weekend who said that, Steve Jobs success came from using his adversities to his benefit.

I'd say that sums up the - Glass half full or half empty vision....We all have a choice in our perception.  Admittedly sometimes life is over whelming.  Your advice and Steve Jobs example are motivating and encouraging.  Joy

Posted by Joy Carter & Jeff Booker Brother and Sister Team, Trust Your Family's Move To Our Expertise! (Keller Williams Parkland/Coral Springs Realty-GreatFloridaHomes Team) over 8 years ago

William,  Took till Monday for me to get here but I'm so glad I did.  Thank you and I'm reblogging. 

Posted by Beverly Femia, Broker Realtor Stager - Greater Wilmington, NC Are (BlueCoast Realty Corporation) over 8 years ago

Making this into a Poster, to put on the office wall. 

  *  RIP Steve Jobs  *

Posted by Fred Griffin Tallahassee Real Estate, Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker (Fred Griffin Real Estate) over 8 years ago

This is a wonderful tribute to an amazing man.  A true visionary.  I love his philosophy .... live your passion .... have the courage to follow your heart

Posted by Karen Bernetti over 8 years ago

I absolutely love this list!  I will implement it immediately!

Posted by Chandler Real Estate Liz Harris, MBA, #ChandlerRealEstateAgent (Liz Harris Realty) over 8 years ago

William, you are a star, my hearty guru, a mentor, a LOVE. I can't believe you didn't get featured, but I had heard about this blog somewhere in someone's comment, then finally saw it as a re-blog just now of Praful's.

You, my dear friend, are connected to the universe in a big way and I hope that those around you treasure your wonders.

I sure do.

Posted by Gayle Rich-Boxman Fishhawk Lake Real Estate, "Your Local Expert!" 503-755-2905 (John L Scott Market Center) over 8 years ago

Hi, William!  Timely post.  Great lessons paired with another one of your great photos.  Thank you.

Posted by Christine Hooks, Celebrating 25 Years in Real Estate! (Pino Agency) over 8 years ago

Good morning, William....what a wonderful tribute to a marketing genius....suggested

Posted by Barbara Todaro, Marketing Agent for The Todaro Team (RE/MAX Executive Realty ) over 8 years ago

Sell Dreams not Products...I love that.

Posted by Sean Williams, Your Louisville Realtor (AcklesWilliams of Semonin Realtors) over 8 years ago

Thank you for posting the list. Someone did share it on TV on one of the late programs & I was going to write it down... That's definitively something to live buy & does look like a great recipe for a successful & rewarding life!

Posted by Monique Ting, Your agent under the sun (INET Realty Honolulu, HI) over 8 years ago

What a great way to start my morning. thanks for the post, I love it!

Posted by Elisa Uribe Realtor #01427070, Opening the Doors to California Homes -East Bay (Golden Gate Sotheby's International) over 8 years ago

Thanks, William.  Bookmarked.  It is hard to believe that he has left this earth even now. 

Posted by Ron Marshall, Birdhouse Builder Extraordinaire (Marshall Enterprises) over 8 years ago

William - I'm focused on #6.  If clients find the experience exceptional they will return and send their friends.  I closed a sale last week and the buyer's parting words were, "You're one of a kind."  He has already referred two co-workers to me.  When consumers like what you deliver they will return for more.

Posted by Norma Toering Broker for Palos Verdes and Beach Cities, Palos Verdes Luxury Homes in L.A. (Charlemagne International Properties) over 8 years ago

Steve Jobs was a genius.  Remember when Frank Sinatra sung the song, "I Did It My Way!"?  Well Steve lived his life his way.  Kudos to Steve.  He changed the world!  He was indeed an incredible person.  He will be missed.

Posted by Joanne Louise Stevens, Realtor - Serving Brentwood and Surrounding Cities (Keller Williams Realty Los Angeles-Brentwood) over 8 years ago

I am really behind in getting responses back to all of you who have left comments. Bear with me, and hopefully you will be checking back because I really value each of you and will over the course of the next day or so complete my response comments to each of you. 

Posted by William Johnson, Retired Real Estate Professional (Retired) over 8 years ago

Hi Teri, I wonder if a long time ago when I was setting up my signature line if I might have emulated your style because I remember liking it. You were way ahead of others as I recall. 

Posted by William Johnson, Retired Real Estate Professional (Retired) over 8 years ago

Hi Fred, I think Steve knew from the way people responded to his genius. Apple Stock continued to grow, sales continued to amaze the shareholders and the technology community knew all too well how people adored the simple message. it's all about the experience and so it was indeed. 

Posted by William Johnson, Retired Real Estate Professional (Retired) over 8 years ago

Hi Wandanna, Number 3 might be  my failing. I never met a piece of technology  I didn't like, LOL. 

Posted by William Johnson, Retired Real Estate Professional (Retired) over 8 years ago

Hi Donna, I agree , it is sad. But know this, His spirit will live on for decades and dcecades with the way he mentored those around him. Genius can be contagious and in his case , I am sure of it!

Posted by William Johnson, Retired Real Estate Professional (Retired) over 8 years ago

Hi Joanna, The stores are based on thee Four Seasons Hotel concept. When I saw you comment, I went back into the post too capitalize the lettters and add the link for better understanding. Thank you for calling it out.  See the link in the post, it explains how it impressed Steve and why he set the stores up that way. And it really works too! 

Posted by William Johnson, Retired Real Estate Professional (Retired) over 8 years ago

Hi Sharon Lee, Thank you so much and for sure we all need too take advantage of the concept of saying NO more often. But my favorite is 6 about providing insanely great  experiences. Now that is a challenge I can relate with!

Posted by William Johnson, Retired Real Estate Professional (Retired) over 8 years ago

Hi Juan, Thank you for dropping by, gald you liked this!

Posted by William Johnson, Retired Real Estate Professional (Retired) over 8 years ago

What a remarkable man.  He will be greatly missed.  I can't imagine all he would have done if he had lived longer.

Posted by Team Honeycutt (Allen Tate) over 8 years ago

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